Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Eye Spy

Something I've been spending (too much) money on lately is eyeshadow and for some reason it was always a product that I never really paid too much attention to before. After trying a range of products, I'm now questioning this!

Having possibly one of the worst skin combinations ever, I wasn't too sure whether these types of products would sit on my eyelids without creasing throughout the day or just disappearing altogether. But I bit the bullet and decided that I'd try it out and see what worked and what didn't! I started out by buying a Sleek palette in Au Naturel Nude and I have to admit I was impressed with the quality of the product considering it's a drug store product. The palette contains twelve different shadows that are highly pigmented, and I have found that these eyeshadows do last throughout the day even without the use of a primer. Before indulging in more eyeshadows/palettes, this was my go to palette every day because the colours work with everything, I would highly recommend this to people who don't want to spend too much on their eyeshadows or make up in general but want a variety of colour that still holds quality.

After trying a powder eyeshadow, I thought I would try out a more creamy based eyeshadow that I could use as a base colour to build up on, or just on it's on (if I'm feeling lazy). So I found the Maybelline Colour Tattoo when I was in Boots and bought two different colours, and rather quickly, I have built up a collection of these little pots. I went for colours that I could easily blend and were more natural and so I have Eternal Gold, On and On Bronze, Permanent Taupe, Pink Gold, and Metallic Pomegranate. I have yet to try these without using a primer first because I feel the creamy texture would crease easily on my lids, but I use Pink Gold a lot and build it up with other eyeshadows.

So, leaving the drug stores behind, I went out in the search of a decent eye primer and ended up in the Urban Decay section of House of Fraser... Ooops! Not only did I come out with a primer, but I also left with the Naked palette which I love dearly and I would recommend this product to everyone! I can use these eyeshadows with or without the primer, but I find that they stay on for a lot longer if I'm using the primer and I also find that the colour is a lot bolder if I have used the primer beforehand. This palette has colours that can be used for everyday wear or for night time wear and I must admit, I use this palette almost every day even if it's only for one colour. The pigmentation in the shadows is amazing and they shadows are so easy to blend, I can honestly say this palette is worth the money and I wouldn't hesitate in repurchasing it. 

The biggest splurge as far as eyeshadows go is MAC. Now, I decided that I would start my own palette, and so far I have six eyeshadows that I have kept in the neutrals zone and I will slowly build this up. But with the colours that I bought, I have to say that with the use of a primer, they will stay on all day and the pigmentation of these eyeshadows is unbelievable no matter what finish the eyeshadow is. I also found that with these eyeshadows they are so easy to build up and blend with each other to create a daytime or evening look and you can create what looks like a complex look with only a few of the eyeshadows. My go to look with the colours I have at the moment is Naked Lunch, Satin Taupe and Sable which make a really nice autumnal look. I also bought one of the pigment pots in Vanilla and I use this to highlight the inner corners of my eyes and also on the brow bone, and I love this product because it can just be put on with any eyeshadow colour and it accentuates the eyes that little bit more. 

As well as all these eyeshadows, I have recenetly purchased the Benefit they're real! mascara which I have decided I will use for evenings rather than a daytime look, because it does what it says and really lengthens the lashes and makes them seem thicker depending on the number of coats you apply. I recently stopped wearing eyeliner on my lash line as well so I thought why not start again and bought the Maybelline gel liner in Black Chrome and I haven't used this product in this colour but is a normal black with a slight shimmer to it which caught my eye, and I also bought a Rimmel Exaggerate eye liner which is liquid based and I now use this on a daily basis. 

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