Saturday, 26 April 2014

Spring has Sprung!

With Spring quickly making an appearance in the UK, even though it's not all that warm at the moment, I thought it was only right to browse through the trends for this year! After looking through plenty of articles on the internet after various fashion weeks in various city's, there was many trends that are set to make an appearance for both the Spring and Summer of 2014.

Now, some of these trends are something that I don't feel I could personally pull off because they are a little out there, but they are certainly some trends that I will be trying out! And if I'm honest, I'm swaying more towards the hair and make up trends rather than the fashion trends which are something I've never really seemed to follow!


A lot of the catwalks this year have had a similar trend when it comes to make up and the main theme seems to be keeping the face looking "au naturale" and this saw some of the models wearing no foundation or base at all and while I'm not brave enough to do that nor have skin that can be bare, I'm all for people who can make this approach to make up! Following along the lines of bases and foundations, Spring seems to be the time for dewy looking skin and this is something that is achieved with the help of a foundation! The foundation I've been using to create this is the NARS Sheer Glow but they are quite a few foundations that have been pushed into the spotlight at the moment that all do similar jobs!

Now something that I found a little strange were the blues, greens and purples that seem to be in for eyeshadows, and I can safely say that if you can pull this off, great, go for it because it would look great on certain people! But for me, I think I'll be sticking to neutrals for now! However, an eye look that is back in is the cat eye, and as someone who used to wear eyeliner with the flick all the time, I am rather happy that this look is back! I look back now and think why did I put so much effort into doing the 'cat eye' look everyday, but I will admit that it is something different and I wouldn't go back to winging it everyday! Just gives me something to spruce up my face during the Spring! 

Moving down the face, there are a few different colours that should be applied to the lips for Spring! As the darker berry and purple toned lipsticks leave the limelight, a lighter berry tone is making an appearance as well as pale pink tones! I've always been wary of pale pink as I don't feel they make much difference to my lips but I'm happy to try out both of these colours! Another colour that I personally think everyone should go up get themselves is orange! Now, it seems a little strange, orange lipstick but I've seen it so many of the models for this year and it works with all skin tones! I've already picked myself up an orange lipstick but for myself I've chosen one with a subtle peachy hint to it just so that it isn't so in your face!


Hair is something that either goes right or wrong for me, there is no happy medium where my hair is concerned! But, horay, there are only two main styles that have hit the catwalk this year! Besides the good old slicked back ponytail, most models were sporting the dead straight look with the hair. My hair and dead straight aren't two things that shouldn't be put together, with naturally curly hair, straight is something I don't achieve unless I go to the hairdressers and have it done there! However, mermaid waves seem to be in as well and I would like to try this! I have no idea how well it would work on my hair, but I'll try anything once! I'll probably be hunting down tutorials for mermaid waves after this!

There seemed to be one one more common theme with the hair on the catwalk and I'm happy to say this is something that I already have! This is the centre part, and I know that this isn't for everyone! I was so scared when I first got my centre part and it took me a lot if courgE to actually go and do it, but I love it and wouldn't change it back now! However, if this is something that people feel uncomfortable wearing or believe it just doesn't suit them, don't do it, there's no need to conform to anyone's idea of beauty for a certain season! 


I'd be lying if I said I was some kind of fashion guru, because really I'm not, nor am I one to conform with fashion trends! I'm usually a trend behind, but in trying to pull myself into some of the trends for this season (we'll see if this actually happens!) There are two trends that are on complete opposite ends of the spectrum, one of these being bold colours and the other being more pastel/toned down colours! I've already decided that for myself, I do prefer the pastel shades but that's only because I feel they go with a lot more and I don't tend to tan so bold colours would make me look even paler! But I have seen some lovely items that are bold colours so I may have to try one piece at least! 

Flowers, now I'm beginning to believe this print can make a return at any season and almost everyone falls in love with it all over again! I say almost everyone because I am not a fan of the floral print! And it comes to Spring and Summer, it is near impossible to find clothes that don't have floral pattern on them! However, the more kimonos I see, the more I like the look of them and I could see myself buying a floral print kimono, which would possibly be the first piece of floral print clothing I own! 

Not only is that print in, but logos are in as well! I am quite partial to a logo tee, and I seem to own quote a few of ten, I just find tat they are usually very plain in colour and so that makes them easy to wear and you can wear colour with them to brighten the look up! I would suggest buying logo tees if you don't already own any! 

Fashion is something that is constantly changing and there is always new things being introduced, and just recently a lot of new fabrics have been seen to make an appearance. Two of these being something that everyone seems to love, one is lace and the other is 'sheer looking' fabric. I have been loving the look of sheer panels in clothing, I think they can make something look quite sophisticated by showing that small amount of skin but they can also be worn for causal events and they are very easy to style! I can see myself purchasing a few sheer panelled pieces of clothing! I love the look of lace clothing and for some reason I have never bought any! We all know that lace can look as causal or classy as you want, and I think it's just a nice versatile fabric that looks a bit different from everyday t-shirts! There is also a comeback fabric and that is the fabric that shimmers and shines in the light - something I'm really not a fan of! And although, this fabric did grace the catwalk on more than one occasion, it's not something that a lot of high street brands have been selling and so I don't think this will sell as well and the lace and sheer material pieces will! 

One more trend is for the lower section of the body and this is long skirts and strangely enough pleats! I feel like we're going back to the school days where pleated skirts were a must! I have recently seem some lovely looking long skirts and there are a variety of types to choose from, but I still don't think I'll be purchasing any for myself just because I don't believe they'd suit me personally!

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