Monday, 9 February 2015

YouTube Influences

Looking for some YouTube beauty inspiration? You've come to the right place! I feel like I spend most of my spare time watching YouTube videos and for the most part they are based around beauty and so I thought I would share with you some of my favourites!

Probably my absolute favourite on YouTube and I can honestly say that I do wait for her uploads each week but not only is she a beautiful person under all the make up but her tutorials are seriously out of this world and she does looks to suit everyone which is great! You should also check her out because her dogs are the cutest!
I’m so glad I found Kathleen on YouTube because her videos are not only great for their content but as a person, she is so funny that you can't help but love her videos! If you're looking for some good eye make up tutorials, this is the place to go!
Amelia Liana
If you go and watch her videos, look out for Duke the super cute dog! Not only this but I love Amelia’s video because she tries to use a lot of products that are more affordable for younger audiences which is a great thing! 
Another YouTuber with a lovely dog – is this a trend? On a serious note though, I love that her style is so simplistic whether it be the fashion or the beauty, and her tutorials are so easy to follow and for the most part, she uses products that are affordable for most!
Tanya Burr
Tanya was one of the first people I started watching on YouTube and I have to admit that she's probably half the reason I started getting so into make up in the first place and I always find that her tutorials are the easiest to follow because she makes everything seem so simple!
Anna is one of the YouTuber’s that I admire for the simple fact that even though she can do her make up extremely well, she isn't afraid to admit that winged eyeliner isn’t her thing, and that there are simpler ways to make simple eyeshadow look complex! 
I look up to Zoe in many different ways, not only for fashion and beauty but also for her personality and the way that she can over come things even when her anxiety gets in the way! But she's a joy to watch, and I always look forward to her Sunday video!

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