Monday, 2 March 2015

What's On My iPhone?

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I’m yet another one of those people who has my phone attached to me as often as possible, and this means that I’m usually using some sort of app and so I thought I would share a few of my most used apps with you lovely people!

Like pretty much everyone else, I have the typical social media apps that include Twitter, Facebook and Instagram which seem to be the three main ones. But I do also have the Tumblr and Pinerest apps which I have to admit that I do use these every day! I just think that having the apps for these social media sites is a lot easier than using the web and so I’d say that these are the most used apps on m phone for sure!

I also have my main photo editing app, Afterlight, which is pretty much the only app that I use to edit my photos and this is because this is the one app that has everything you’d want all in one place! For an app that was 99p, it was worth it and I can definitely say that I’ve got my use out of it!

Another app that I use at least once a day is Spotify, and I do pay for premium membership with it, but even if you don’t, you can still use this app! This app holds all the music you could want all in one place and it also means you can listen to music without having to buy it or having it take up storage space on your phone which is a benefit!

The last three apps that I also use frequently are Wattpad and I like this app because I read a lot and it’s sometimes nice to read works from aspiring writers rather than published books! I also use both Blogger and Bloglovin (surprise, surprise) and though I do use these a lot, I wish that the Blogger app wasn’t as limited because I find that I don’t tend to use this over the web version!

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