Thursday, 11 February 2016

Five Things // 11

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I've been loving the stripes and dungaree trend for a while now, and it's making me feel the need to invest in some more dungarees (maybe long length ones this time!)

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Just recently, I've been so intrigued by Amsterdam and really want to visit this beautiful place

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I really can't wait for the day that Colourpop will ship to the UK, because these colours are all so dreamy. This is the part where I go all heart eye emoji!

ThirdLove has bras in half sizes !! 16 Underrated Lingerie Brands That Aren't Victoria's Secret:
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I am totally obsessed with cute lingerie at the moment and I really need to browsing online at so much because I probably will cave and end up buying a lot!

Here's the weird secret you *never* knew about Khloe Kardashian's hair...:
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I think that Khloe has always been my favourite Kardashian but just recently she has been slaying the game, and everything is so on point with her! She kinda makes me want to cut my hair short again, and even her makeup is just flawless, is this a girl crush?! Maybe.

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  1. Ah I wish I had a pair of dungarees in my life, and a striped top to go underneath, it looks so nice!! And those eyeshadows are absolutely beautiful, I hope they ship to the UK soon I literally need them all!! And I'm so envious about your travels to Amsterdam, I'd love to go there!! xxx
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky