Wednesday, 12 October 2016

A New Base

 As I regularly say on this blog, I am someone who is super pale no matter what time of year it is and so when I find a foundation that is pale enough for me, I have to hope that I'm going to fall in love with it! And during the Summer months, I came across a foundation that I've been not stopped using!

I've always been someone who looks for a more matte foundation as I can tend to get an oily t zone, and earlier on this year No7 released the Beautifully Matte foundation but in a light version. So this foundation has been everything I needed, lightweight for when the weather is hotter, a matte finish but still covers everything that I want to be covered, as my skin has cleared up a lot recently meaning I haven't needed a full coverage foundation!

No7 was a brand I'd never really tried out before and after using this foundation, I really have no idea why! But I decided to get colour matched and as I had guessed, I needed the lightest shade they do and so I ended up picking the new foundation Beautifully Matte Light in the shade Calico. I think being colour matched does help, but I have found this foundation is the perfect colour for my skin, and I love this because even though it takes a little more effort to work it into the skin, the results are so worth it! It covers redness and most imperfections extremely well, so I find that I use barely any concealer with it, and it does stay matte all day which is always a bonus for me! But I would say if you are going to buy a No7 product, it is well worth getting colour matched just so you know you are getting the shade that is right for you!

No7 do have a wide range of foundations, so if the matte look isn't for you,I'm sure there is another foundation that would be just as perfect, although I will say that not all the foundations have the same shade range. And so I found that there were other foundations that unfortunately didn't go as light in shade as the Beautifully Matte Light one. I have also been pairing this foundation with the No7 Primer for pore minimising and I just find that the two products work really well and for the price of the No7 foundation I really can't complain!

Have any of you tried the products I've mentioned, if so what do you think? Or will you try any of these products after reading this?
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