Thursday, 2 February 2017

Kylie Cosmetic Favourites

As someone who has buying Kylie Lipkit's since she first released them, I realised that I'd never done any type of post about them on here. And so I thought I would share with you all what my favourite shades are currently, and what I think of the lipkits in general as I know there has been a lot of mixed reviews floating around the internet!

The very first shade I bought was Candy K and still to this day it is probably my most loved and worn shade, it's just so easy to wear with pretty much any makeup look! I find that if you're looking for a pink based nude, then this is the one to get, personally for me being so fair, finding a nude that looks good is difficult but with this have the pinky tones to it, it makes it so easy to wear! I can wear this on a day to day basis or for a more full on look, as I think that it compliments a lot of makeup looks from a simple winged liner or a blown out smokey eye!

Throughout the end of summer last year, all I wore on my lips was the shade Kristen and I bought this one as soon as it was released and I'm so glad I did! This is a lovely deep pink strawberry shade and I love wearing this with minimal makeup because it can be used as a statement lip. I'm someone who loves to wear a red lip in the colder months and so this is the perfect option for me in the warmer months, and it means you can wear less makeup while looking like I've made an effort! I also think that this is a perfect shade for all complexions and so would highly recommend this one to everyone!

As someone who likes to wear a lot of warm browns and oranges on my eyes, I've found that I reach for the shade Ginger a lot as it seems to compliment these warm tones. Again this is a colour that can easily be worn on it's own as a statement lip, but I do tend to reach for this one more when I have a more warm tone to my eye look, as I feel like it just brings it altogether! This is definitely a colour I would recommend for all complexions, because on me its a very stand out lip that some people wouldn't find as easy to wear but on darker complexions, it would be a really nice lighter shade with a hint of peach to it almost!

The last favourite is the shade Love Bite and  I find that this is one that I reach for on occasions more than day to day basis, as you really don't have to try too much or can you wear tones that match if you are someone who likes to go full glam! I love this shade because although it is another purple, it's a beautiful mauve purple and not just the stereotypical purple. And as far as purple shades go, I do find that this is an easy one to wear because of its muted, more dusky tones, and again this is one that would look gorgeous on all complexions, so if you're someone who enjoys these tones or just likes a more bold and out there lip colour, I'd highly recommend trying this one!

I do really want to invest in her lip glosses next, as I'm someone who rarely reaches for glosses, but with Candy K being a favourite shade, I would love to know what the gloss version is like! How many of you have tried products from Kylie Cosmetics, and what are your thoughts? I'd love to know if we have similar favourites!
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