Friday, 19 January 2018

New Year, No Resolutions

With it being a new year, what better time to find some inspiration and start writing again! And I thought my first post should be something related to having a new start, but it's almost strange that I've decided to start this new year off with no resolutions set in stone.

I thought this year I would change things up and not decide on any resolutions because they never seem to stick anyway! And I just thought that I'd put less stress on myself by making silly little changes and if anything does actually change it's just a bonus! But I think, just by sitting here writing this post, something is changing. 

So, if any of you feel like you're putting to much pressure on yourself by setting yourself unrealistic resolutions, who cares if you break them? I think that any time of year can be for a change, and you don't need a 'new year, new me' mind set! But start by taking baby steps, because things don't just happen over night, and don't make yourself feel bad for things not falling into place as quickly as you think they should.

I know this is a short post but I thought I'd start off with something simple to get myself back into it, and I hope you enjoy reading this! Have any of you set resolutions, or not set any like me? Let me know!
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