Friday, 2 February 2018

The Ultimate Glow

Just recently I feel like I've been really embracing being more glowy and less matte but only in the right areas for my face. I think I've been enjoying this look more as it doesn't make my face look so flat, and it just makes the skin look a lot healthier and bright which I've really been liking! And so I thought I'd share the products I've been using to achieve this look, because we all deserve to have a brighter, glowing look to our skin! 

The first product I like to use is one that I forgot I even had until I was clearing out my drawers is the L'Oreal Lumi Magique Primer which I used to be so scared to use and I think that's why it ended up at the back of drawer! Having oily skin, and using a product with shimmer or brightening properties in can seem like a recipe for disaster however, I decided to start using this as a primer everywhere except my t-zone and it has been great! It keeps the not so oily areas of my face looking dewy and so when the rest of my face decides to start producing the oil, everything all looks how it's supposed to! I think this would be a great product for anyone with dry skin!

The next product is something that I'm sure everyone is familiar with by now and most probably tried out and that is the Iconic London Illuminator. I use the shade Shine for my skin tone as it's the lightest one they sell but they do have a few different shades to choose from depending on what you want from this product! I've only used this product two different ways so far but I'm sure there's a lot more uses for it than that, and the first way I like to use this is mixed in to foundations just to give them a dewy look if they are a matte formula and I think it gives the skin a really nice healthy glow!

 The second way I use it is as a normal highlighter because there's just something about the way a liquid highlighter sinks in the skin and just looks so fresh and complete! But if you are feeling extra like me most of the time, you can always put a powder highlighter on top!!

Moving onto powder highlighters, I decided to take the plunge and buy an Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit and I bought the Sugar version. I'm in love with it and I mean I was nervous spending that sort of money on highlighters, but these truly are worth the hype! They look so amazing on the skin, because they aren't a chunky formula and with having the range of colours it gives you so much variety in one place! I also think these would look so good on the eyes but that's something that I haven't done yet.

Do any of you have your holy grail products for being glowing to the Gods? I would love to know what you recommend!
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