Monday, 16 March 2015

Five Things // 3

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I dream of having my own place, with a lovely desk space like this, and somewhere to store all my beauty products, but for now, my bedroom will just have to do!

photo credit
I think I've vowed to myself that if I could look like anyone in the world, it would probably be this woman right here, she is gorgeous, this is the part where I go all heart eyes emoji!

I keep seeing so many new pairs of ripped jeans that I want and it's getting to the point where I may do some diy on my old pairs! 

I've been really struggling lately wth everything and I just don't know why but quotes like this make me think I can carry on and reach my goals! 

Hair envy went out of the window when I saw this photo on Pinterest! I can only wish my hair was that long! 

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