Monday, 29 June 2015

Comfort Zones

We all have our own comfort zones, and I know that I am someone who sticks to these unless I really have to stray. But recently, I have decided that I do want to change some things about myself, mainly my comfort zones and so I thought I would share with you all, what I'm routines and habits I'm trying to get myself out of!

Monochrome Clothing
I'm someone who will always stray towards black, grey and white when I am shopping for clothes and it really has become a bad habit, but I honestly think it's because I then don't have to worry so much about wearing colours that don't match! Laziness at it's best but it's what I've trained myself to do! I also feel as though, certain colours could wash me out as I am someone who is ridiculously pale (which is something that I don't like to embrace.)

Keeping along the lines of clothing, jeans are definitely my comfort zone, and are something that I am happy to wear all the time, even in the summer! And while I do own things like shorts and skirts, I just don't find myself reaching for them at all! And if I do, I will almost always wear tights with them, which I think is just a way of covering up my insecurities aka my legs! I will always find myself in the jeans section in Topshop - it's a real problem!

Neutral Eyeshadows
My love of the makeup world, what I live for is a neutral eyeshadow palette, and it's pretty much all that I own in the terms of eyeshadows. I will always find a way of wearing a brown through the crease, and maybe some darker browns if I want to smoke up an eye look, but just lately, I've been wanting to branch out of this rut I'm in and use more colourful shadows! I've started by using more burgundy and red toned colours which some would still class as neutrals but it's something that I haven't done before and so for me, it is a step forwards!

Ahh, lipstick, the love or hate product, the finishing touches to a full face of makeup! I am that person who would pick a bold lip over a neutral lip any day, and for me this is something quite strange because a few years ago, I would never have gone near a red or purple lipstick and now I have various shades of each! But I do want to start wearing neutral shades, but this is something I find difficult being so pale and not wanting to have that foundation lip look, so if you have any suggestions, please leave them below!

Hair Products
My hairdresser is always telling me off for not looking after my hair properly, and I always tell myself that if I buy the products, I will use them... But really, I don't! I am someone who washes their hair as little as possible, I barely condition or brush it, and hair products are just something that I really don't use, and somehow my hair still grows faster than anyone else's I know! I do want to start using more hair products though, just to help the condition of my hair, not that it can grow any faster... A girl can dream!

Buying Makeup
Take me shopping and I will usually find myself in front of some makeup, honestly it's one of my worst habits! But even though I will admit, I already have enough eyeshadows, I still manage to find myself buying more, and it always seems to be the one thing that I pick up if nothing else. For anyone that follows me on Instagram you will probably have noticed that it is mainly eyeshadows that I buy! However, I am trying to turn myself away from these purchases, and while I know I will still buy makeup, I want to expand other collections as well as eyeshadows!

The one thing that I am seriously good at, and probably something that I mastered whilst in school! I was one of the students that would never revise for anything for the sake of putting anything I could before it, and essays were the last thing that I would think of! But I am trying to stop myself from procrastinating with things as much and I started with my blog and I've found that by having a schedule, it's become a lot easier for me to put my blog before other things and hopefully I'll be able to stop procrastinating in other areas of my life!
What zones do find yourself stuck in, any of mine stand out to you? If any of you have any tips for getting myself out of some of these routines, I'd love to hear them!
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