Tuesday, 30 June 2015

June Favourites

This month has been a bit of a crazy one and for some reason hasn't gone as quickly as the rest but for I started off the month travelling for various concerts and then finished it with celebrations for my mums birthday! So in between all these things and work, it's been a month filled with full face makeup which I've enjoyed but my skin really hasn't! But these are my favourites for the month of June!

There's a photograph coming up in my next Five Inspiring Things post and I fell in love with the makeup and since then, I've been trying to recreate it and there's ones eyeshadow that I've been using constantly for it! Omega by MAC which is a beige toned taupey brown and I've been using it all over the lid with a smoked out lash line using a dark brown (almost black) kind of eyeshadow and although it's still not what I see in the picture, I've been liking it! And by like, I mean that I wore this look for almost a week straight which is kind of crazy for me!

Let's praise the heavens because there is now a new concealer that I'm really loving and although I use my Collection Lasting Perfection one all the time, I just find that it's so difficult to get hold of and so I've been trying different concealers out! With the launch of Make Up Forever in the UK, I made an order and with that came the Full Cover Concealer and anyone who doesn't have this concealer, really needs it in their life! This covers pretty much everything, so when my acne really plays up, I know that I have this to help out, and it's light enough for me which is something that I tend to struggle with!

An favoruite that is reappearing this month is the Rimmel Stay Matte powder that I decided to pick up when I was browsing in Boots! And I remember buying this a good few years ago when I started to take makeup a lot more seriously and I have tried a lot of powders since but there is something about this drugstore offering that is seriously great! I always use the translucent shade and I just find that this sets my foundation for so long in comparison to other drugstore powders and it doesn't look at all cakey on the skin which everyone knows is a bonus!

Staying with the line of older products, something that I feel I've been using a lot more just recently is the Sleek Contour Kit and I've mainly been using the highlight side of this which I think is beautiful and not over the top for everyday use which is always great! I know there are some people who don't like to use this as they find it to be chunky with glitter but I don't find that mine is like this and so I don't know whether it's a luck of the draw kind of thing! But I really would recommend this product because the contour shade is also great and so easy to use and I think for the price of this you can't go wrong especially if you're starting out with powder contouring! 

This month I had a belated birthday present given to me by one of my amazing friends who gave me the highly coveted Velvet Teddy and I'm in love with a lipstick, if that is even possible! I don't feel like I need to rave about this too much as every other blogger has done exactly that but honestly, this is one of those lipsticks that you can reach for at any time, any occasion with any makeup look, a holy grail product in my eyes and well worth picking up!

Quite a while ago I made a post about blushers and a recommendation from another blogger was the Natural Collection Peach Melba blush and I eventually remembered to pick it up when I was shopping in boots and I must say for the price this is a seriously good blusher! This is a beautiful peach colour that would work with a lot of paler skin tones and so great for me, but the one thing about this is the pigmentation which really is very good for a drugstore product! With the pigment being so good, I do find that you have to have a lighter hand with these, but I do think I will be buying some more of the shades as they are something I don't think you can go wrong with!

Let's thank the heavens for my next favourite because I think it's a product that I will be forever repurchasing, and that is the Dermalogica Overnight Treatment which is the greatest thing to enter my skincare routine! As an acne sufferer, I have scars and so I feel the need to cover up with full face makeup most of the time, and after seeing YouTuber Claire rave about this product I knew that I needed to get it! And I've only been using this product for about two weeks now, and there is a noticeable difference in my skin already and for anyone who has acne and sensitive skin, I really would recommend this! I use it after I've cleansed my face at night and then place my moisturiser on top to lock it all in, but it doesn't feel heavy on the skin at all and really does help!
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  1. I can't live without the rimmel stay matte! I also recently bought Velvet Teddy after all the hype, it's so beautiful isn't it?!

    Just Little Things xo

  2. You have no idea how jealous I am that you went to a FIVE SECONDS OF SUMMER CONCERT omfg 😍😍😭