Wednesday, 1 July 2015

A Month in Photographs // June

June has seen me use Instagram a lot more, and I'm not sure why, maybe I've just been going out the house more often and buying more things? I say it like it's a bad thing... But these are my photographs from last month!
one. to start the month I saw Ariana Grande (fangirls inside) and I have to admit that she was amazing and I would see her over and over again
two. a few things that were featured in my June Favourites
three. I finally got around to sharing what I bought from Makeup Geek and I'm sure I'll be ordering more
four. took me long enough to visit the Makeup Forever counter in Debenhams but I did and this concealer is probably the best thing to enter my life!

five. if you buy just one eyeshadow palette, make it the Zoeva Cocoa Blend because the shades are to die for and I think that Zoeva eyshadows are such high quality considering they are £15.50 a palette!
six. I went Superdrug haulin' and there will be a post up on this very soon!
seven. a few new bits from MAC and Estee Lauder arrived as well, why it has taken me this long to own Fix+ I do not know!
eight. I saw 5 Seconds of Summer twice in the space of about a week, excessive but worth it
nine. I posted about some habits that I can't seem to shake off
ten. finding pretty cases for the iPhone 6 Plus is a task but I've fallen in love with a few of the Skinnydip London ones!
eleven. I love Kiko eyeshadows and I want to buy more, 'nuff said
twelve. my Gerard Cosmetics order arrived, and the shade Underground is beautiful, imagine the heart eye emoji right about now!

I hope you all had an amazing first half of the year and here's to the second half!
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  1. I love!!! Just adore Ariana too so I understand the fan girling lol