Monday, 8 June 2015

Makeup Geek Loving

I recently placed my first order on Makeup Geek and honestly, I'm surprised I didn't do it sooner, because I have been lusting after many of the eye shadows on there for the longest time! And since the release of the newest foiled eye shadows, I feel like I need to place another order!

I must admit that I did a bit of research on the shipping processes of the company before I made my first order, and decided that the best option would be to place a small order so that I would be less likely to get hit with custom charges (because who wants that, right?) So I ended up ordering four shadows and with the delivery charges, it really wasn't that expensive and I will probably continue to order eye shadows from them in small batches like this!

The four eye shadows I ordered consisted of three regular shadows and one foiled eye shadow and now I'm wishing I had ordered a Z Palette but I will be ordering one soon, as at the moment, the shadows are all just sat in their packaging! Anyway, I did have an idea of what shades I wanted as I must admit I am one of those people who will repeatedly go onto a website without ordering anything and just make a list of what I want!

The first one I knew I would end up getting was of course, the loved by most Peach Smoothie shade and I honestly don't think there is another transition shade that can compare to this one, it will blend out pretty much anything! It is as you would expect from the name, a peachy shade that I will probably always go to for a crease/transition shade as it is one that blends out seamlessly but can also be used all over the lid as a setting for any primer because the colour is so close to many pale skin tones.

As well as a transition shade, I also wanted to pick up a matte brown shade for the crease but let's be serious, can you ever have enough matte browns in one collection? The answer is no! And so I decided to add Frappe to my basket, as it's a brown that doesn't lean too cool, and also isn't too dark for everyday wear, but if all the eyeshadows hold this much pigmentation, I will sure be picking up a load more brown shades (the obsession is real!)

Just recently, I have been wanting to branch out of the neutrals zone, and this is something that I really struggle with, as having blue eyes, I find that colours such as browns and golds compliment my eyes well. However, after watching a few YouTube tutorials that included the shade Bitten I decided that I would buy it, and I have actually used this a few times, and I love it! I must admit, a light hand is needed, as this shadow really doesn't hold back on pigment! I love it!

The final shade that I bought, was a foiled shadow and just when you think that the pigment can't get any better, you swatch this and oh my, it does get better! The formula of this shadows really is something else! I decided on the shade Showtime which is another brown shade with warm undertones, and the finish of this is something to be admired! I have yet to use this, but I can imagine it would lovely all over the lid, and then blended out in the crease!

Do any of you have some shade suggestions as to what I should pick up next? What have you tried yourself, if anything?


  1. How much was delivery and customs total lovely?:) and did you buy a Z palette with it?:) xxx

    1. No I didn't get a Z palette but I'm ordering more shadows soon so I'll probably get one then as I do really need one asap! I didn't get any customs charges (which was nice!) but the delivery price is based on how much you buy and the weight of the package I think! But for the four items, I paid around $8.99 (£6 ish) for standard delivery but it does arrive pretty quickly considering it's come from the US! xxx