Monday, 1 June 2015

Hair Inspiration

As an avid Pinterest user, one thing that always catches my eye is the hairstyles on there, and I'm someone who has a hairstyle for years before changing it! But for anyone out there who is looking for a hair change, I found a few pictures of inspiration...

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Le Fashion
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Lily Collins
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wish i could see the rest of the skirt! Bold floral print botton and a crop top, boho vibe and add a statement necklace
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one. I love this length of hair, and the side parting without a defined fringe
two. I picked this picture purely for the hair colour and I've never been someone who has the urge to dye their hair but silver/grey hair is just so pretty!
three. This is the kind of hairstyles that keep me growing my hair, I really want long hair after having shorter hair when I was younger
four. I chose this picture for anyone thinking of chopping their hair off, because I've had my hair this short and I would cut it again but it does take a long time to grow back!
five. I've always loved Vanessa Hudgen's hairstyles, from long to short, but this was one of my favourites and although the ombre phase has passed, I still thinks it looks lovely on this length hair!

I'm someone who thinks about cutting their hair short one week and then having it super long the next and so I'm always looking at different hairstyles to just imagine having them on myself! Are any of you thinking about getting your hair cut short out growing it out long?


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