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2015 Favourites

It's unreal to think that its been a year since my last yearly favourites, and I can't lie, I feel as though many of these products will be the same as last year because I can't help but be a creature of habit! And I also wanted to say that I really want to stick to a post schedule this year, as last year started well for me and then went pretty downhill towards the end!

PRIMER: L'Oreal Skin Perfection Magic Instant Blur
I've gone through two of these this year, and I did try to use other primers after I used up the first one but I decided to come back to it, as I feel like it works well blurring any pores or imperfections, and it does make my makeup last a little longer than it would without a primer
I'm pretty sure that this would have been my favourite foundation for last year as well, but I still continue to love it and use it a lot. This year I did finish up a bottle and for about a month I didn't repurchase it but finally caved and had to buy a new one as I found myself not knowing what foundation to use and wishing that I still had this one to use! I also find that this does a good job at covering almost everything up, and so I use less concealer!
I know that some people will say that this is also a full coverage or at least build able, but I tend to find that on my skin, it is more a of a medium coverage because I'm used to the coverage of the MAC foundation but I would recommend this highly as it's such a nice finish and feels so lightweight on the skin! It's also perfect for photographs as there's no flashback.
CONCEALER: Collection Lasting Perfection
Probably one of the cheapest concealers and still everyone raves about how good it is, I love that this concealer is so light that it works for me and it has amazing coverage, I use it for both under the eye and covering any imperfections and once it's been set with a powder, it looks so nice and so I will continue to use this, but I do tend to find that I need to stock up whenever my shade is available because they sell out fast!
POWDER: Mac Studio Fix
I am someone who prefers a full finish foundation and ever since I've had this powder, I've been using it to set my liquid foundation and I just find that it helps keep my oiliness at bay and I now can't imagine using a lighter powder to set everything!
CONTOUR: Benefit Hoola Bronzer
So, at first I found this powder to be pretty scary because it's so pigmented and I'm someone who is so fair and bronzer shows up immediately, so I've learnt that less is more with this and I also like to use the brush that comes with it to blend out my contour and I just find that it works so well and doesn't look orange on my skin!
BRONZER: The Body Shop Honey Bronzer
I love this bronzer, I use the lightest shade and I've had this bronzer for well over a year and only just hit pan, but I just find that it looks so nice for my skin colour, it makes me look bronzed which is a miracle and doesn't make me look like I've just bathed myself in a bronzer that is way too dark.
BLUSH: Natural Collection Peach Melba
I had someone suggest this to me on a previous blog post and I can't thank them enough because this is my go to for every makeup look, it's so natural and I'm not too keen on pink blushes so I love this and will continue to use it every day, and for the price point its really a steal!
HIGHLIGHT: Sand (Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette)
This is one of the only highlights I can use that doesn't make me look oily by the end of the day and just looks like I have a glow as such, but I'm a fan of the whole palette so its a win win situation!

BROWS: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade and L'Oreal Brow Artist Plumper
These two products have been the best combination for my eyebrows this year, and I'm someone who is all in for the strong brow and so I use my dip brow to fill everything in and create the desired shape and then I use the brow plumper to add more volume and set them in place. Honestly this combination will insure that your brows are in place for hours and I love that the plumper is warm toned and so it works well with my hair colour and the eye looks I usually wear.
EYE PRIMER: Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow base
I can't rave about this eye primer enough, it's the only one I'll use now and it just keeps my oily lids at bay and I can trust that whatever eyeshadow is going on top of this will be there for the whole day with no creasing, so what more can I ask for?
SINGLE SHADOW: Makeup Geek Frappe
Ever since I've had this shadow, I tend to find that it's my go to warm toned brown for almost any eye look, and for the price of Makeup Geek shadows, I really don't think it gets much better! And this is a brown that looks good in a mixture of eye looks or just on its own and I use it both ways.
CREAM SHADOW: Maybelline Colour Tattoo On and On Bronze
I have loved this for a long time and I think that everyone and their cats own at least one of the colour tattoos, the formula of these is so incredible for a drugstore brand, and I use this on this own, as a base, or part of a complete eye look, and built up to full opacity this is a beautiful shade and I feel like it compliments blue eyes extremely well!
SHADOW PALETTE: Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette
Who doesn't like this palette? No one. I think everyone needs this palette in their collection because it's got so many different potential eye looks in there, and I can use this for both natural day to day and dramatic night looks. I tend to find myself taking this with me when I'm away from home because it has everything you need and it smells like chocolate, so it doesn't get much better!
EYE LINER: Bobbi Brown Gel Liner
I'm not someone who wears eyeliner too often, personally I find that it takes me far too long but I have to admit that whenever I want to wear some sort of eyeliner, I tend to go for this, as I find gels easier than pens and also this gel lasts so long on the eyes and doesn't transfer into the crease of my eye.
MASCARA: Maybelline Lash Sensational
I think this will be the only mascara I use from the drugstore for a long time now, I do tend to use the waterproof version purely because I prefer waterproof formulas, but this mascara makes my lashes look longer and thicker which is exactly what you want and it holds a curl which is pretty important for some people also!

NUDE LIPSTICK: Mac Velvet Teddy
Is it really a surprise? I've yet to meet someone who doesn't like this lipstick and I feel like it's one that suits pretty much every skin tone and I just find that it's a go to nude and its a matte formula which is what I tend to lean towards so I will go back to this time and time again.
BOLD LIPSTICK: Nars Audacious Lipstick in Liv
As someone who wears a lot of berry and purple shades, I struggled to decide on one that is a favourite but I always find that people compliment this lipstick and its one that I find very comfortable on the lips and I die for the packaging of these lipsticks, as well as the inside product!
LIP BALM: Nuxe Reve De Miel
This has been my favourite lip balm for as long as I can remember now and admittedly sometimes I forget to use it and I know it because my lips will hate me, but I must admit if you use this as part of the skincare routine, you shouldn't ever experience dry lips as this is so highly moisturising and nourishing and I also love this its a matte finish because I hate the look of glossy balms on the lips!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and that you also enjoyed my favourites from the past year. Let me know what you'd been loving, or if any of my favourites are the same as yours!
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