Monday, 27 July 2015

Confessions of A Beauty Blogger

I saw a post a couple of weeks ago where someone was talking about the things they find difficult when it comes to beauty and so I thought I would give it a go! We all have things we aren't good at even as bloggers or enthusiasts in beauty and so here are a few of the things, I probably should work on, or accept will never work for me!

Winged Liner
Oh, the dreaded winged eye liner, I often feel like this will never be an achievement for me no matter how much I practice it! I have tried with gel liners, pencil liners and liquid liners but I am no further forward in mastering this makeup magic (and yes, I really am beginning to believe it's magic!) I've found that the only way I can get reasonably presentable looking liner is by using tape, and even then they can still be a little uneven where I've put the tape on! Any tips or tricks?!

Eye Cream
Reaching 20 years of age, means I really should have stepped up the skincare game and whilst I take a lot of steps to maintain my skin and keep the acne at bay, one step that I really don't see myself doing enough it eye cream! Now, I don't want wrinkles around my eyes by the time I'm 30 and so I feel like I really should be searching for an eye cream to put in my skincare routine but I will admit that I am rather lazy and just never know what I'm looking for when it comes to eye creams!

Cleaning Brushes 
Okay, so I can go from washing my brushes once a week to once every three weeks and it really just depends on the time I have to wash them and let them dry before needing to use them again and I stupidly think that if they don't look lean, I won't need to clean them... Bacteria is my enemy! I also haven't found a way that to clean my brushes that is quick and easy while still being thorough so if any of you have any product suggestions, I would love to know!

Hair Care
I'm someone who is lucky to have thick hair that grows very quickly and so you'd assume that I look after it pretty well, which really isn't the case! I am someone who tries to wash their hair as little as possible, using far too much dry shampoo as a result of this and the only product that I use regularly is argon oil so really my hair should hate me! I am trying to get myself to use more products though but I just find hair care to be time consuming and so skip a lot of it which I know I really shouldn't do!

Cream Products
There's just something about cream products that don't seem to work with me and I know that as an oily skinned person, creams aren't the best but sometimes a product is too pretty to resist! It doesn't matter what method I use for putting the products on, it always seems as though the cream product just takes my foundation straight off and so for now I think that I'll just stick to using my powders until I find a way to use those pesky creams!

So these are the things that I'm not so good at and I'll happily admit that, is there anything that you find yourself not being good at yourself? I'd love to know!

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