Monday, 6 July 2015

More From Gerard Cosmetics

Back in January, I posted about my first Gerard Cosmetics order, and since then, I did decide to order some more! Plus, there are loads of new colours so it gave me a good enough reason to spend some money and so I thought I'd share what shades I picked up with you all!

There was recently a coupon code that Gerard Cosmetics were sharing on their instagram to get $45 off your order (this may or may not still be valid) and so I thought I'd take advantage of that and pick up the bundle of five lipsticks! I ended up getting free shipping to the UK and it ended up costing me around £35 for everything and I didn't get hit with custom charges, so I was very pleased with that!

Just recently I've been wanting to branch out with lipstick colours, as I'm someone who will wear a red or purple but feel uncomfortable wearing a pink which is a little crazy and so I decided to order some out of my comfort zone shades which included a few pinks, a nude shade as well as a grey toned pink which I fell in love with on the website!

Kimchi Doll: this is a shade created by Sophia Chang and is described as the perfect baby doll pink and peach cross which I really do agree with! I do think that this is a shade which some people could find to be too light and on me I must admit it's more of a peach shade but still beautiful! This is a shade that would be great for everyday wear just because it isn't over the top and it will go with almost any makeup look and so if you're into peachy pink nudes then this one is definitely one for you!

Buttercup: hands down, my new favourite my lips but better shade! I'm not usually a lover of lipsticks that aren't matte but I love this, because it's one that you can really build the colour up on and I find that I can use this on an everyday basis and if applied in a sheer layer, it wouldn't even look like I had lipstick on! So for all of you out there, who want something that isn't highly visible on the lips, but also need a pop of colour, this is the one!

swatches top to bottom: Kimchi Doll, Buttercup, Berry Smoothie, Rodeo Drive and Underground
Berry Smoothie: if I had to pick one of these as something that I would usually go to, it would most probably be this one. And true to it's name, the colour is really like a berry smoothie! It's a pink that isn't too light and a shade that I can really see myself liking, I'm sure that this is a lipstick that will come up a lot in different makeup looks!

Rodeo Drive: this is a true rosy pink shade which I think anyone would find easy to wear because it's one that you really can't go wrong with! And one that looks beautiful with a muted pink eye look but could work with almost any makeup look! A starter shade for those who are beginning to wear makeup or just lipstick in general and are unsure of what shades to look into!

Underground: I was so excited about this shade, as I had been lusting after some kind of grey toned lipstick, and once I saw this grey toned pink, I knew that I needed to have it! I must admit that when swatched, this lipstick shade is very deceiving as it has almost a brown undertone to it, and on the lips, it really does have that cool greyness to it! This really is a daring shade and one that's probably out of a lot of comfort zones but I think it's a very pretty shade at the same time!

All of the Gerard Cosmetics lipsticks are so creamy in texture even if they do have a slightly matte finish to them, and I think this is what makes them so comfortable to wear! I do find that they need touching up every now and then but for most of the shades, reapplication is so simple because of the wearable shades that you can't go wrong with! I really would recommend these lipsticks especially as they don't cost too much and shipping isn't expensive considering this is an American company.

Have any of you tried anything from Gerard Cosmetics, or want to try anything from this brand?
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